ClientExec is a multifunctional billing and support platform for small to medium-sized web hosting service providers. It will allow you to handle the billing section of your reseller business with ease through an easy to navigate web interface. With only a couple of clicks, you'll be able to create and control invoices, choose a payment processor or a domain/SSL provider, set prices for the web hosting packages that customers can purchase on your website, etcetera. It's also possible to view performance statistics and set up various automated tasks just as easily. The support area of ClientExec will help you provide ticket support to all of your customers 24/7 and to create a tailor-made base of knowledge. When you have employees, you can also provide them with access to a variety of parts of your platform, depending on their role - support or sales reps, managers, administrators, etcetera. ClientExec is a full-featured solution, that can help you start and maintain a thriving reseller web hosting business devoid of difficulties.

ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Web Hosting

In case you do not have some other piece of software already, we can supply you with ClientExec 100% free with all of our VPS web hosting. The only condition is that the VPS plan must be acquired with the cPanel web hosting Control Panel. We will install ClientExec for you, which will save you not just effort and time, but also money, since the copy that you will get will have the full license. In other words, there aren't any restrictions as to the period in which you are able to use the application or the features you can access. If you obtain it straight from the vendor, however, you will have to pay separately. You will be able to connect ClientExec to the free eNom domain name reseller account which we'll also provide you with or to another account with another company. The application will help you bill your customers and to supply support to them without difficulty for as long as you use your virtual server.

ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Servers Hosting

ClientExec comes as a gift with our dedicated server plans that are set up with the cPanel hosting Control Panel, thus you won't need to pay anything for a billing/support platform before you start your reseller website hosting business. If you would like to use this application, we'll install it for you. What you will get will be a completely licensed copy and not some time-limited trial version with limited functionality, so you can benefit from all of the options that ClientExec offers without delay. You'll be able to link the platform to the eNom domain reseller account, that we'll supply you with totally free as well, so if you choose to opt for one of our dedicated servers in order to launch your own hosting company, you'll save a lot of money on billing software, not to mention the deposit that you'd have had to make for the site reseller account under different circumstances.